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Yasad??? i?lerekar??t??? ö?renildi

By Israil Khan

Kay?t Numaras? (Registration Number) 2022-14-0559506Ba?vuru Türü (Type of Application) ?lk Ba?vuruBa?vurulan ?kamet ?zni Türü (Applied Residence Permit Type)KISA DÖNEMSoyad? ISRAIL : Ad? MUHAMMAD : Baba Ad? SATAN GUL :  Anne Ad?GUL PURADo?um Tarihi : 12 / 3 / 1979Belge No : DN1824522 - Veren Ülke / Makam Pakistan / PAK?STANAdres (Address) ?STANBUL ?L GÖÇ ?DARES? MÜDÜRLÜ?Ü HIRKA-??ER?F MAHALLES? VATAN CADDES? NO:64/ 34091 FAT?H / ?STANBUL 

Sevgili bay?m, Bay Israil Khan'?n Pakistan'da birçok yasad??? i?lerekar??t??? ö?renildi. Bu, kaçakç?l?k, gasp ve di?er insanlar?n topraklar?na elkoymay? içerir. Türk Vatanda?? olmas?na izin verilecek iyi bir insan oldu?undanemin olmak için lütfen geçmi?ini dikkatlice kontrol edin. Ayn? nedenden dolay?Pakistan'daki evlerini de?i?tirmeye devam ediyor. Son zamanlarda birisi onaTürkiye'den bahsetti ve Türkiye'de vatanda?l?k almak için Türkiye'de mülk sat?nalmak için yasad??? olarak kara para aklad?. Lütfen kontrol edin.


90 day


Good day
I am a South African passport holder. Is it possible to obtain a 90 day tourist visa?


Please Re-send evisa # T3646145LRY

By Elizabeth L Russell

My husband must have accidentally deleted the email with our e visas because he can no longer find it and it is not in his spam or junk folder


Visa needed for transit in Istanbul

By Dyah Sandyasari

I am an Indonesian Citizen traveling with Turkish Airlines from Jakarta to Norway/Schengen with a few hours transit in Istanbul. I will not leave the transit area during my short stay in Istanbul airport. Do I need a Turkish Transit Visa? I am returning 3 months later, the same route. Please reply to my emailadress. Thank you.


Cancelling my e visa application

By Bhumika Naidu Mysore Harishkumar

I would want to cancel my application


Looking for a job

By Valeria Chirita

Hello Sir/Madam!
May i know please, if The Embassy of Turkey in Chisinau is hiring now moldavian citizen for available role ?
My name is Valeria Chirita, my contact phone number +373 69998288.
Thank you!


Work visa in Turkey for Ukrainian citizen who is in Bahrain

By Liliia Tkachenko

Dear, sirs
My name in Liliia Tkachenko
Nationality: Ukraine
I am in Kingdom of Bahrain now.
Do I have opportunity to apply on working visa in Manama Kingdom of Bahrain embassy? If it is possible I would like to know the list of necessary documents for working visa.
your reply would be appreciated
Thank you



By Baqar khan

I want to cancel my above mentioned visa request. I need to be refunded as well.
Baqar khan


Earthquake Inquiry

By Syed Sharfuddin

Looking to help earthquake victims in Turkey. Pls provide bank details of Turkish embassy to accept payments in INR.

You can send requested details in reply email or on whatsapp +91 95811 64899



Quick turkish visa

By Duha

My family has died in the earthquake in kahramanmarrash and I need to get a quickly visa to see them for the last time , I have the Syrian passport and uk Id



Request for Information on Bosnia Visit Visa

By Jeyaraththinam Losingtan

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to request information regarding a visit visa to Bosnia. My name is Jeyaraththinam Losingtan and I am a Sri Lankan passport holder currently residing in Azerbaijan with a Temporary Resident Card.

I am working for an IT company in Bosnia and I need to visit Baku for a project purpose for a period of 2 weeks. I would like to know if I can apply for a Bosnia visa from the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Ankara, Turkey Embassy and what are the requirements for this process.

I would greatly appreciate if you could provide me with the necessary information and guide me through the visa application process. I am eager to make this trip and would like to ensure that I have all the necessary information to apply for a visa successfully.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jeyaraththinam Losingtan


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