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Tourist visa for my parents

By Del Aram

To whom it may concern
I am a US PR and My parents want to apply for a US tourist visa at a US embassy in turkey, they currently reside in Iran, but have afghan citizenship and passport, I would like to know how can we get their turkey visa. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Can't see my application money taken

By Ahmad Saeed

Not able to see my application and the money is taken I applied with www.evisa.gov.tr


Cancel my application

By Valerie Fortin

Hello there,

I would like to cancel my application. My reference number is: T0636256KNX
Thank you




before I pay...

By Ryan Sellars

I am trying to make sure this is not a scam website and I am wondering how I can validate your services to make sure they are legal and legit. can you provide some sort of proof of legitimacy?

Thank you,


money back

By narjis Sahar

Hello, please, I applied for a visa and now I want a refund of the amount I paid of 45€. Thank you


Money back

By narjis Sahar

Hello, I applied for an electronic visa and paid 45 €. The payment was successful, but I did not receive anything. I poked tickets tomorrow.


Border Entry Requirements

By Abiola

I will like to ask if there is any procedure to be done at entry border/Airport after collecting Turkey Visa.
Is visa the only requirement apart from hotel accommodation.
Kindly revert.


get visa

By Mohd Rasoul al SUKOUR

Hi I have Canadian travel documents how can I get visa to visit Turkish and do you have application


Is my Visa correct

By Diana Fitzpatrick

Please advise me. I have printed out several copies for my Turkey Visa trip in May 2023. However I have put my name just Diana Fitzpatrick. I do have a middle name Rose but have neglected to add it. Will I get through the security ok without my middle name on the paper or not. I appreciate your time and await your reply. Thankyou. Diana Fitzpatrick


Turkish language course information

By Alejandra Rivera Ortiz


I've been searching for a Turkish language course but I have not found any except the online ones, do you handle information of a good course in intensive format?


im not able to apply

By Romodan M Haji

Dear support team

i am trying to apply for a e-visa i am Eritrean and i have UK visa ,i took before the turkish visa this way twice,but now the website is showing that I'm not eligible although i have supported visa...please advise.


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