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Left out middle iname and middle initial on second application

By Fred

Left out middle name ( FRED DENIS HIRT ) on my completed application. and on joan fletcher ( JOAN C FLETCHER) left out middle initial


About e- visa

By Mohammed Arifuz Zaman

Hello,I need to about my e-visa applications status which is Ref : UJ5-RM9H.
Passports Number :657835078.Receipt no. 19624603623. So please email me the visa status also please email me the full visa papers. Also I can see there is a visa number in the receipt paper (Visa no: 326959882478).
Hope take an action as soon as possible. Thanks


Do?um belgesi / Evlilik cüzdan?

By Umit Koc

To whom it may concern
Ben ingilterede ya??yorum çifte vatanda??m ?u anda Almanyada i? için bulunuyorum kald???m?z yerin belediyesinden (Fuldatal - Kassel ) Do?um belgem ve Evlilik cüzdan?m istendi bu evraklar? sizden temin edebilirmiyim ( Yan?mda TC Kimlik kart?m yok sadece Ingiliz pasoportum var) bana bu konuda yard?m etmenizi rica ediyorum.
Umit Koc


Cost of the Visas

By Emil and Jeanelle Fischer

Why is the charge $231 US? I expected a charge of to be 2 x $60 US = $120 US


Multiple Entry question

By Damon Postle


I am planning my trip to Turkey. While in Bodrum, I plan on going to two Greek Islands, then returning to Bodrum. What type of travel visa do I need to obtain. I am a citizen and carry a USA passport.

Thank you,

Dr. Damon Postle, Ph.D.


Return visa

By Naveen chandra joshi

This is naveen Chandra joshi
I have applied for single entry visa on 1 march and already departed from Istanbul airport now I want to apply for my return visa which is on 17 march , but when I am applying from online there is payment issue accrued I tried it so many times but it’s not working
Can you please tell
Do I need return visa too ?

I have first single entry visa valid till 27 Aug 2023 also can it work for return also ?

Please help me out


About emergency Visa

By Oluwabumni adeleye bello adediji

Hello, I am I live in the UK and I’ve got a resident permit in here. I bought a ticket travelling to Turkey on the 7th of March and I’m wondering if I could get an emergency Visa for that day can you please help me


EVISA # T0909377HMY

By Mazhar A Jaffry

This is to request to please resend the eVisa email to [email protected]
I have not received the eVisa yet via email even though it shows that visa has been issued.


Evisa Receipt

By Akshay Kotecha Jain

I had applied for an eVisa online and also received it. However, I did not receive a receipt for the payment done. Please help.


please correct my email adress


I applied for e-Visa from Pakistan and my Temporary Application ID is T9857667EEO. I am unable to edit my application form. please correct my email address from [email protected] to [email protected].


Tourist Visa for Sri Lanka Passport holder

By Mohamed Ibrahim Sheyed Mohamed Irfan

I am Irafn Ibrahim holding a Sri Lanka Passport working in Singapore, planning to visit Turkey on 25th of April 2023 for a holiday with my spouse and 2 childrens. As a Sri Lanka passport holder I need to apply for a visa to enter Turkey and I tried the e-Visa option. but unfortunately since I don't have the Schengen visa for me and my family and therefore we cannot apply through the e-visa link.

Therefore, I'm writing this email to seek your assistance to help me out with the stickering visa process for me to apply directly via embassy in Singapore.

If you need any clarity please feel free to contact me on +65 9138 4639 and reply to this email.

Looking forward to your support to make my holiday a success.

Thanks & Regards


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