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E-visa application status

By Tae Eun Choe

I had applied for e-visa last week but have not receive an approval. My wife's was approved already. Unfortunately, I forgot to get the reference #. Here is my information:
Passport #551463668 (US)
Issued on: 09May,2016
Expiring on: 08May2026
Please send me the approval to my email.
Thank you so much,
Tae Eun Choe


Re application

By Melanie Dawkins-Davidson

I did not put me or my husband middle name on my application. Will I have to apply for a new one?


Visa van belgië naar istanbul

By Saeid zarfsaz


Mijn vrouw en kinderen en ik zijn bekende vluchtelingen in België.

Wij zijn Iraniërs en hebben een blauw reisdocument van de Belgische overheid.

Hoe kunnen we een visum krijgen om naar Turkije te reizen?

Alvast bedankt

Met vriendelijke groeten

Saeid Zarfsaz



Transit through Turkey

By Muhammad Nadir kha

Hope you are going well.
I am Pakistani National and i am going to Norway. I have Norway residency card as well. If i get the transit flight via turkey the may i need a transit visa ? As my stay in turkey is almost 9 hours maximum and i dont have cargo luggage. I only have hand carry.
Kindly provide me the information.


Haven’t recived nah text

By Haroon Omer

I recently applied and haven’t received any confirmation on email or Text


Reise til tyrkia i Summer

By Nor Sultani

Jeg har norsk pass og er norskstatsborger. Jeg har tenkt å reise i Tyrkia i sommer.
Trenger jeg å søke visa eller trenger ikke?


Some Question

By Basir Ahmad Ebrahimi

With respect, I am happy to be able to communicate with you via email. It has been a while since, by God's grace, I and my family were able to obtain Turkish citizenship, and we live and do business in the UAE and in Dubai.
1- Do you register Turkish citizens who live here at the Turkish consulate in Dubai, and if so, how is it and what documents do you need?
2- The presidential election will be held on May 23. Will this be done in Dubai as well and what are the conditions for participation, because we are eager to participate in this election.
Please answer the two questions.


Visa required or no?

By Rakz

Hi, i am a UK citizen and my wife is a Moroccan passport holder. Am i correct in saying we both dont need a VISA to enter Turkey?
Is there anything else we require such as a passenger locator form?



touristic visa rejection

By mohsen vatankhah

Dear Sir/Madam

I applied for a third-year touristic visa but was rejected .what is a solution? could you support me in this regard?
0538 378 08 20 phone number


Lost visa email

By Craig Abramson

My visa approval email was accidentally deleted, how can I get another?


Shipping Process to Turkey

By Alix Brower

I am a high school student at The New School of Atlanta. We are about to start a project where we make baby hats and baby blankets to send to victims of the earthquake in Turkey. We were wondering what it would look like/what the process would be to send those items to Turkey. As well as how long that process is and how long it would take to ship to Turkey.


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