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Why need supporting document such as a visa or residence for Turkey Visa


Hello there, I am writing this message concerning the cancellation of my visa application. I would like to enquire for further explanations as to why you need a supporting document such as a visa or residence permit from the Schengen, US, UK, or Ireland for Turkey Visa.

I am applying for a tourist visa to spend a few days in Turkey and return to Ghana.

Kindly please explain to me so that in my next application, I would have a clear view and understanding before submitting it to your esteemed office. Best regards

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Request for refund


I wanted to get e-visa just for 6 days but I believe I have selected visa for longer days by mistake because the price got really higher than it should be. So it would be much appreciated if you can change it to simple visa and refund me the rest of the money. Thanks


Honeymoon Vacation


My question is as follows
Wedding day is May 21st
I (wife to be) is a dual citizen British and Nigerian
Husband to be is Nigerian
I am aware that I do not need a visa, However my husband needs it.
My question is for the proof of funding that needs to be a 6months bankstatement, our honeymoon funds is in my Naira account and is more than sufficient for the days we want to spend in Turkey.
Can he use my bank statements as proof and I can write a supporting letter because weddings expenses are done from my account to our event planner. Which is why the money is there.
Please let me know if we can still be granted the tourist e-visa. As we have met all other requirements.
I look forward to your response. Thanks in advance.


Visa Fee Mode of Payment


Dear Mam/Sir,

Good Day.

May I please double check for the mode of payment in applying for a sticker visa how can we pay it online or we can pay it by cash as well. And is payable by dollars only or in peso?

Looking forward to your favorable response.

Thank you very much.

Kristine Mariano
Travel Agent


I need to apply on line e-visa for turkey


I need a help for online e-visa Application for turkey


Turkey E- Visa for UK Tourist Visa holders


Hi- I need to know if UK Visitors visa holders are eligible to apply for e-visa to Turkey if we have 3 months of UK visitors visa validity in hand.


Reqeust for E-visa of EU Family member


Dear Sir and Madam,

I am ilyas khan German Citizen and i want to Visit with my Wife and daugher to Istanbul, thay are both Pakistani Citizen.

I will come from Germany to Pakistan.

We will trevlling togther from Islamabad to  Istanbul, 

I have enough Money in my Account.

My Wife and Child have no Schengen Visa.How my wife and Daghter get E-Visa? 

Thank you so much

Best regards 



Re visa appointment


I booked visa appointment for my scout group today 8th . February 2022
Appointment was booked for us for 9th. March 2022
The respond to our scout email the booking was London instead of Lagos I don't know how you are going to reverse it back to Lagos
Yours in Scouting
Engr. Francis Erube
International Secretary
Nigeria Scout and Guide


Victim of Taxi Scam


Dear Hon Consul Mr Nihat Boytuzun,

We came to Turkey on 31st Jan 2022 and visited Istanbul,  which was planned to be the last stop of our 2 weeks vacation here in  Turkey. 

We took a flight from Izmir to Istanbul and took the bus service from Airport to Aksaray. Since our hotel was far to walk to, we took a taxi at the bus stop and the bus driver forcefully took our wallets and removed all the money and then pretended to put it all back in and later refused for the trip. We took another taxi from the same bus stop and the driver repeated the same and also charged us $5 for the trip.

When we came to the hotel we realised that 300$ was missing from our wallet. Since we have already used up all our card limits and is unlikely to have necessary cash till end of our trip, planned for this Friday, we would appreciate if you can provide us a solution for the taxi scam which we were a victim of.

Appreciate it if you can revert back to us as soon as possible.

Kind Regards 



System didn't allow me to download my E visa


My E visa, I can't download my e visa,I have paid on 31/01/22 and a reference number has been issued to me, the reference number is:V7UFFDZ



Required documents


Should the HR letter be translated to English or can i apply it in arabic?


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