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Which document needs Child for travel

By Rakan

I will be traveling to Turkey from Sweden with my wife and our child. What are the documents required for the child and in which language should they be?! The wife and child hold a Ukrainian passport


E-visa for a Nigerian living in the US (F1 visa)

By Kemi

I'm a Nigerian living in the US, I want to travel to Istanbul soon. I have a valid F1 visa, can I enter with an e-visa? If not what other visa?


Do I need a transit visa if I only staying one day in Turkey as part of the layover program

By Fred Norris Funchess

When I tried to fill out the transit visa on this site it says I'm exempt but when I google overnight stay it says its needed. When one is true, do I need or don't need it.


uk travel document refugee can go to Turkey via


Uk refugee travel document
I need visa fr Turkey Can I go to turkey with I need visa uk refugee travel document Thanks


visit turkey with UK Refugee Travel Document

By Mahya Sadat

Hi there

I hope you are doing well.
I am gonna travel to Turkey but I have got the UK Refugee Travel Document, Am i supposed to apply for visa or not?

Kind regards

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No Visa Needed for US Citizens visiting Turkey

By Adrian

Is this limited to entry to Turkish airports or am I eligible to enter by ferry from Girne Cyprus to Mersin, Turkey *(Tasucu port)?



visit visa information


I want to apply Turkey online visa from United arab emirates i am Pakistani national residence in abu dhabi


E Visa for Afghan National

By Mohammad

Is Turkey still offering e-visa for Afghan national who need medical treatment in Turkey. Just not sure


Infringement of privacy

By Rebecca Asabe Tariya Yusuf

Dear team,
I just found that an enquiry was sent to you wass published on your website. I wa s surpised as I didn't give my consent to such publication. This is considered as infringement and breach to my privacy.

To be clear, the message reads as follows:
Dear team,
"I am trying to complete an e-visa application for entry into Turkey for tourism. The system did not allow me to continue with the application...."

Can my details be URGENTLY be removed from you site? I have copies my legal advisr regarding this. Your prompt action will be appreciated.

Thank you

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visa application and fees

By Blessing Davies

Hello, i am a Nigerian citizen residing in the UK. How do i go about applying for a Turkish tourist visa and how much it will cost. There is not much information for citizens of my country.


Assistance Required

By Manahil

I am visiting Romania on a short stay visa for a month-long research elective. I am planning on paying my friend, who studies at Bilkent University a visit. Can I enter turkey with a Romanian visa? And if not, what do you suggest I apply for? I am thinking about going to turkey for just 2 days


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