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Visa Requirements if I want to visit Istanbul

By Junita Seruny M

My name is Junita, I am from Indonesia , if I visit Turkey for a vacation do I need to apply visa ? Thank you


visa requirement question

By ittisham khan

Hi, I am a uk british citizen. do i need any type of visa to visit turkey?
Also my wife is a pakistani citizen. what does she need to visit turkey with me? thanks


Regarding errors in the electronic visa application system


Hello, I have a question. Why can I have two visas at the same time? Due to website errors, how can someone who makes multiple payments retrieve the portion that should not have been paid? I would like a reasonable explanation. Please let me know. Thank you!


Visa for Indonesia passport holder

By Akhmad Zaki

Dear Sir/Madam
We are planning to visit Istanbul this April for a holiday, as an Indonesian citizen, will we need apply for visa or can it be done on arrival, like Visa on Arrival.

Thank you for your help


Entering Turkey with a United Kingdom resident permit only as a Nigerian citizen.

By Itam-anwan Essien


I am planning to visit Turkey for two nights and 3 days after which I would return to the UK where I reside. I have my residence permit in the UK and I work there, can I enter with just my passport and residence permit or I need to apply for a Turkish visa at the embassy?


Transit to Türkiye 17h


Please advise .
I am traveling to Armenia via Pegasus Airlines from Egypt - Burj Al Arab Airport, but there is no direct flight except via Pegasus Airlines Transit to Sabiha International Airport for more than 17 hours. Can I enter Turkey and return to the airport upon my next travel ?
and entry visa possible Getting it from Sabiha airport.


Tourist visa from Algeria

By idris bouras

I am an Algerian residing in Oman, i would like to apply for me and my family for short tourist visa, what are the required documments and the procedures


E-visa Application for family

By Arlan Macahiya

Hi, I am planning to travel to Istanbul from March 22 to, April 8 to attend a training/conference. I would like to travel with my wife. I currently have valid US Visa but my wife has no visa. We are from Philippines but currently residing in Saudi Arabia. Can we both apply E-visa ?

Thanks, Arla


Aplication for Turkey Transit visa

By David Odunukwe

Good Afternoon...I have a 22 hours layover in Istanbul Turkey, I will like to apply for a day Transit visa from the 22 day of March, 2024 but after filling out the form the website worldnt let me hit submit.i need help complet the application.


Work Visa application

By Leornard Wadu zighani

I'm a Kenyan ?? citizen but currently at Chennai India working with Circus,..my aggreement here end's at 16 April and i have another Turkey company needs to take me,...How will i apply for the work Visa please?... Required documents?...how long should it take?


information regarding the evisa

By Asif Akbar

Hello dear i am Pakistani national but recently i am in UAE, so can i apply for the Turkish visit visa as an evisa from UAE?


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