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Visa for a person from another country

By Liyah

I want to apply for a cousin to get a visa for Turkey from Pakistan as the Pakistan process is ridiculous. Can I do this? I'm a UK citizen. Please advise



By Marigianna Nikolaou

T7087676APW My application number! Hello can i cancel the viza and can i have money back i have to cancel the trip


Visa information about my Visa

By Muhammad kashif

I hope you are doing well, I have a turkey E-visa valid till March -24. I got this E-visa on the basis on UK visa .
But now my UK visa is expire so please advice me that can I able to travel on the valid EVisa to turkey ?
Waiting for you kind reply




Sir / Madam, Good day!
I would like to ask if i can use my Valid Schengen visa to enter Turkey.
Please advise.




Inquiry Regarding Online Visa for Turkey for Family


Dear Turkey evisa Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to seek clarification regarding the process of obtaining an online visa for Turkey for my family. As the head of the family, I currently hold valid visas for both the United States and Canada. Additionally, my wife and our two children possess valid Canadian visas.

However, upon reviewing the information on the eVisa website, it appears that only holders of Schengen and US visas are listed as eligible for the online visa for Turkey. Given this discrepancy, I am seeking clarification on whether our current visa statuses allow us to apply for the online visa.

Could you please provide guidance on whether our existing visas fulfill the eligibility criteria for the online visa for Turkey? Additionally, if there are any alternative options or specific considerations we should be aware of, your assistance in clarifying this matter would be greatly appreciated as we plan our travel arrangements.

Thank you for your attention to this inquiry, and I look forward to your prompt response.

Muhammad Shahryar Khan


Do I need a transit Visa?

By Bernard

I am planning to travel to Amsterdam from Mexico. On my outbound flight, I have a 6-hour layover in Istanbul. I will not be leaving the Airport.
The same for my return flight I have a 5-hour layover in Istanbul and will not be leaving the Airport.
I am a South African citizen and my wife and daughter are Mexican.

Do i need a transit Visa?


Visa Requirements if I want to visit Istanbul

By Junita Seruny M

My name is Junita, I am from Indonesia , if I visit Turkey for a vacation do I need to apply visa ? Thank you


visa requirement question

By ittisham khan

Hi, I am a uk british citizen. do i need any type of visa to visit turkey?
Also my wife is a pakistani citizen. what does she need to visit turkey with me? thanks


Regarding errors in the electronic visa application system


Hello, I have a question. Why can I have two visas at the same time? Due to website errors, how can someone who makes multiple payments retrieve the portion that should not have been paid? I would like a reasonable explanation. Please let me know. Thank you!


Visa for Indonesia passport holder

By Akhmad Zaki

Dear Sir/Madam
We are planning to visit Istanbul this April for a holiday, as an Indonesian citizen, will we need apply for visa or can it be done on arrival, like Visa on Arrival.

Thank you for your help


Entering Turkey with a United Kingdom resident permit only as a Nigerian citizen.

By Itam-anwan Essien


I am planning to visit Turkey for two nights and 3 days after which I would return to the UK where I reside. I have my residence permit in the UK and I work there, can I enter with just my passport and residence permit or I need to apply for a Turkish visa at the embassy?


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