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Transit Visa / Antalya Airport

By Yaman

i am travelling from Düsseldorf International Airport to Beirut International Airport on the 08.08.2023 passing through Antalya Airport.
I am holding the syrian nationality with the syrian national passport and a german residency. My connection will be 10 hours in Antalya. It would be very helpful to know if i need to apply for a Transit visa although i am willing to stay in the transit area for 10 hours if possible and not pass through the immigration.
Thank you in advance.


E-Visa Application Egyptian Passport with UAE resident Visa

By Tarek

I hold an Egyptian passport but am a resident in the UAE, can I apply for an e-visa for a tourist visit to Turkiye?


Typo mistake of Turkiye

By Dumbildoor

You guys misspelled Republic of Turkiye with old name. please check proper international spelling of republic of Turkiye was known as Turkey. Thank you

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Appointment for Turkey Embassy

By Puli Pattabhi

How to book an appointment for Turkey Embassy in Chennai or shall I go direct without as appointment.

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Have not received visa

By zarya gul

I applied and paid for visa and still waiting to get the email. Please can you issue it as soon as possible. It is extremely urgent


Turkey Visa Requirement for Palestine Citizens


i would like to enquire regarding turkey visa requirement and required supporting document and fee or all of details for further process. please share the details so that we can arrange. thank you



I want to go turkey soon.

By Sona

I want to go turkey as soon as possible for my business meeting, is it possible for me to get my visa within 2 days only from now if I apply today.

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Enquiry about e-visa for turkey

By Singh

I want to enquire about e-visa,

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Enquiry about Turkey e-visa for business purpose.

By Sonam Singh

I want to visit Turkey for 90 days for business purpose, can i get my e-visa within 1 month if i apply within next 2-3 days. What documents will be required for e-visa. From where i will get application form link.

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Overcharged for e-visa

By Eun-Heh Chung

Hi. I recently applied for e-visa online to visit Turkey. With my US passport I was charged $106. My travel companion was charged $50. What is the explanation if any?

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By EESM Management GmbH

Dear Sir/Madam
its a pleasure to drop this few of words. we EESM Management GmbH from Unterschleissheim Germany and as well business partner of VESTEL. VESTEL produce our brand name Btech Germany. we have a partner from Chad and will like to meet them in IZIMIR for showing them where we produce our goods and to sign a contract. please what can we do to enable them get a visa to Turkey.
Sonja Buckenhuser
EESM Management GmbH


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