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Transit to Columbia

By Christine Marie Fajardo

Hello I am a Filipino Citizen and traveling to Columbia and i want to know if I need a Turkish visa to transit in Columbia?


Appointment for Power of attorney

By Juliana Hutmanova

Good afternoon,
I would like to make an appointment to get the power of attorney.
Please let me know when it is possible to visit. thank you


Transit visa or 1day stop in Turkey

By Adebisi Solaru

My wife is a US permanent green card holder with a Nigerian passport and wants to transit through Turkey,will she need a visa?


Certificado de antecedentes penales

By Antonio Hernández Sánchez

Mi pareja de nacionalidad Tailandesa, vivió en Turquía hace unos años y las autoridades Españolas, le solicitan u certificado de antecedentes penales, en el tiempo que ella estuvo alli. Necesito obtener el formulario para poder rellenar y enviar junto con sus datos. Gracias


Medical reason with Inercontinental Hospital


Dear Sir,
I wish to travel to Turkey for medical reasons.

Can you advise me what to do?
I cannot find the online application for Camerronians..



Inquiry about the visa??

By Nasir Hussain

Alsalam ealaykum,
I am a Sudanese doctor residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I have a work visa for Republic of Ireland, I would like to visit Istanbul for three days to visit the mosques (Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed) and the Galata Tower, Then continue to Ireland.

Do I need a visa to enter Turkey if I have a Republic of Ireland visa?
Nasser Hussein


Application for TOURIST VISA to visit TURKEY for short days (8-10 days)

By Divya Singh

I am an Indian passport holder,living and working in kuwait since 1 year 3 months ,I have a civil ID card.
I want to travel to TURKEY for visit.how can I apply for tourist visa and what documents are needed .eVISA wouled be good or sticker VISA ??
help me in this query please ,thank you


Turkish citizen in Hospital

By Shirlessa Jack

I need to know who to talk to to verify my husband is in the hospital. They are telling me he can't have surgery until payment is received. I don't have the money readily available and he needs cardiovascular surgery. Can they withhold surgery?


Electronic visa Request to get

By Mohamad Mahdi

One of my friends has a passport issued by Ramallah in Palestine and wants to go to Turkey on vacation for a week. Should he obtain a visa from an embassy or can he obtain the visa online?


I need cancel the ban to make turkey visa

By firas saloom

Hi Toronto Turkish Consulate General

Iam Firas Saloom From Iraq I live now in Toronto. I lived in Turkey from July 20 2019 UNTIL June 07 2022 I had Temporary KIMLIK. And then left to Canada at June 07 2022. Last year I went to Iraq and I applied for a Turkey visa from Erbil Iraq, but received a negative response and they told Me that I have banned from entering Turkey because I had been in Turkey for 2 years and 11 months on My Temporary KIMLIK .

My question is: how I can lift the ban from enter to Turkey? because I want visit turkey for Business. Now I live in Toronto.

Firas Saloom,



Turkey visa for Afghan national from Afghanistan

By Mohammad Mirwais Wali

Dear Turkey Evisa,

I am an Afghan national living in Afghanistan, i need turkey visa for tourist visa to travel to Istanbul, through your website, i can apply for the eVisa, is there any special requirement, i don't have Schengen visa, i will be traveling from Afghanistan to Istanbul.

Thank You,

Noor Wali


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