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Reason for my visa rejection


I applied for a visa at your offices on 30th of January, 2024.
on 5th of february,2024 I went to check for my visa status but unfortunately my application was rejected.
kindly supply me with the reasons of rejection of my appplication


Indian Passport with Schngen visa

By Kiranmai Pasam

Dear Team,

I would like to check with you whether we need Turkey evisa with Indian Passport with Schengen visa ? , if yes what is the procedure, cost,time for the visa ?


Schengen visa holder and required a turkish visa

By Lise Etumba

I am congolese With a one year visa schengen I would like to enter Turquie.
What can I do



Inquiry about Transit Visa for Myanmar Citizen

By Hsu Htoo


This is Htoo from Myanmar. Currently, I live and study in South Korea. In next month, I have plan to going Russia and maybe transit in Tashkent Airport. So I would like to inquiry about Transit visa for Myanmar citizen. Is that possible to apply e-visa?


Information regarding tourist visa

By Abdur Razzak

Dear authority,
Greetings! I am interested to travel your country. I have Bangladeshi passport and I also have residence permit of Denmark. Do i need e-visa if i want to travel turkey? Please let me know about this. Thanks
Best regards
Abdur Razzak


Having a very hard time applying online

By Kathryn Anna Barattini

Hi there, I am having a difficult time applying for a transit visa as some of the drop menus are not functioning. Sometimes I'll go to apply and my country, The United States of America, is not listed in the drop menu. Please help. Thank you.

-Kate Barattini


Passport validity/entry turkey EU citizen

By Reinier

Hi there. I was planning to visit my girlfriend for the weekend in Istanbul from 8-10 february only I just realize my passport expires on the 7th of July this year. Just 1 day short of the 6 month validity advise.. It’s now too late to get a new passport in time, do you think customs will refuse me? I understand of course no guarantees but would be great if I have a chance :)




Medical visa information for Indian citizen.

By Jasmeet Singh

Dear sir/madam
I hope you are well! I am a permanent resident of Canada based in the Toronto region but I have an Indian passport(citizenship). I want to go to Istanbul for a hair transplant. Can you please guide me with the visa requirements, process and visa processing times.
Thank you!


Evisa elliggibility

By Mercy Mikuwa

I am a citizen of Malawi I would like to visit Turkey for few days to buy goods stuff for resale in my country. What do I do


Turkish visa application as an Bangladeshi international student in Canada

By Zoharin Munazza

My name is Zoharin and I am currently an international student in Canada. I want to apply for a Turkish visa from Canada but I'm not Canadian, and no information on my particular situation is available on any website. Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.


Hello my name is Meron Okbamichael, who is Eritrean citizen living in England London, right now I want to apply for a visa to turkey to spend my vacation during 12/2 to 17/2

By Meron Okbamichael

Hello my name is Meron Okbamichael, who is Eritrean citizen living in England London, right now I want to apply for a visa to turkey to spend my vacation during 12/2 to 17/2


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