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Power of attorney for a Turkish citizen for registration TAPU

By Denys Katsuba

Good afternoon, can you make a power of attorney for a citizen of Ukraine for a citizen of Turkey so that he can register ownership of an apartment in Turkey.


Do I need visa to visit Turkey with Blue Refugee Travel Document issued by UK

By Mohamed Hassan


I am asking if a refugee at United Kingdom who got Blue refugee travel document need visa to enter Turkey or Not?
If yes they need to have a visa is it possible to get eVisa or not?


Application number ID

By olawumi oladeji

Please I cannot remember my application ID. Kindly assist. I checked my email but could not not find it. Can i get another one


About Visa for Afghanistan citizens from USA

By Faisal

Hi, I am from Afghanistan. I am living now in United States. I’m a green card holder so when I’m trying to apply for visa so there is no option for Afghanistan people, so what should I do? I need to put United States as a nationality or something else because there is no Afghanistan was out there. What should I do


Do i need a transit VISA just for an stop-off on Istanbul?

By Carlos

Hi, my daughter is Mexican. We are traveling to Bangkok and we have a stop-off in Istanbul.
Does She need the transit VISA?


Apply for a medical visa

By Rumbidzai chikakayi

I want to go for a medical purpose to turkey and l want to apply for my visa l want to Know how can l apply l have a Zimbabwean passport and a biometric residence permit


Need to get Tukey visa using by Netherlands visa

By Anupama

I already have Netherland visa and need to travel Turkey. So, kindly inform how can I get the Turkey online visa using by Netherlands visa.


Applying for an Evisa for my brother who lives in India with an Indian passport.

By Nizar Manubhai Kapadia


I'm trying to apply for an E-Visa for my brother who lives in India. I am unable to choose the home country of India under the drop down: Supporting Doc. Country.* I also plan on traveling to Turkey from the USA at the same time but for now, i'm simply trying to understand the documents that would be needed before I add myself as another applicant.


Entry requirement inquiry WITH Canadian travel document

By Fariba

Hope all is well,
I am inquiring about visa or entry requirement for our upcoming trip to Istanbul.

My husband and I are from Iran but are refugees and protected person in Canada, We have also applied for the Canadian Permanent resident. Our Iranian passport is with the immigration Canada and we have Canadian Travel documents as refugees and we have valid Canadian work permit. We know as Iranians we do not need a visa but we will be entering Turkiye with our Canadian Travel documents.

I was wondering if you can advise if we still need to apply for a visa or if we are still exempt.
I would appreciate hearing back from you as soon as possible.

Let me know if you have questions.

Thank you
Fariba Homayoun


visa for filipinos and requirements

By richelle

Hello! I'm Richelle and I'm a Filipino living in Italy. I am planning to go to Turkey for a vacation with my family. Can I apply for the eVisa? What are the requirements and documents needed?
My sister is a minor, can she apply online?

Thank you in advance,


Do I need a transit visa?

By Erika

I am Mexican living in Belgium for a year and a half now. I am planning on going back to my country and the flight stops in Istanbul for a few hours, I am not planning on leaving the airport, just waiting there. Do I need to apply for the electronic visa? According to what I read I do not need it but I want to be sure.


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