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Job Offer Letter Confirmation

By Mohsin Zia

I have received an offer letter from Ayasgroup turkey. I am not sure whether this offer letter is real or fake. It is mention on letter that "Under our Expatriate Statute Law (ESL), the foreign worker must first apply for the FWC and obtain the certificate at their own expense."

I wanted to know that if get the fwc and later on i came to know that offer letter was fake, Then will the amount i pay for fwc can be reimbursed??

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E Visa application enquiry

By Rinad

I am eligible for single entry tourist visa. I want to visit Turkey in March and July and stay for only 2 weeks both the time. Will I be able to apply for a second e visa for my july trip even though 180 days are not over since the first visa or do I have to wait for 180 days from my first visa even if I only stayed in turkey for 2 weeks the first time.


E visa approval to enter the country for the night

By Aahana chauhan

Can i request an early e visa approval as it is important for me to get one. I was in an overbooked flight and now have gotten a hotel but to enter i need my e visa


Inquiry about Transit Visa Requirements for Haiti and U.S.A Personel

By Felicita Thomas

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to inquire about the transit visa requirements for citizens of Haiti and the United States traveling through your country.

We have travelers from both Haiti and the United States who will be transiting through Istanbul Airport on their way to their respective destinations. To ensure a smooth transit experience for these individuals, we kindly request information regarding the transit visa requirements for both nationalities.

We would greatly appreciate any guidance you can provide regarding whether transit visas are required for citizens of Haiti and the United States in transit through your country. Additionally, if transit visas are necessary, we kindly request information on the application process, fees, and any specific documents or requirements that need to be met.

Your assistance in clarifying these requirements is essential to ensure a hassle-free transit for our travelers. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to your prompt response.



turkey visa from uae

By Jopord Allison Zulueta

Im want to appl for online visa tourist. Im working in UAE and philippine resident. Can i apply? I am working in UAE for 5 years now. When i fill up the form it requires US visa, ireland etc which I dont have.


can indian citizen apply for turkish visitor visa outside india

By anirban chatterjee


Happy New Year!

Can an Indian national apply for Turkish visitor visa from within Canada? Please guide us, thanks.


Holiday Nigeria passport holder

By Moses Ejiro eshareturi

Hi am a Nigeria living in the UK as a nurse and I have a Nigeria passport i have just book an holiday to turkey I tried getting the evisa but it is not letting me go through with the application. I was wondering if it's a visa on arrival can you please help this


E-visa for Indian passport

By jay

Dear Sir/Mam,
I am an Indian passport holder please let me know can i apply e-visa for turkey or not for tourism. Please advice.

Thank you.


Visa Required for vacation

By Abdul Sami

Hi Madam , Sir
I am from Pakistan but i am living in Germany . I have a Permant German ID card and Pakistani Passport . My question is that i need a visa for vacation 5 days in Turkey or not . please reply me as soon as possible
Abdul Sami


i want to apply for a visa

By Samuel Edun

I want to travle to turkey with my girlfriend and her family for holiday by may 17 and i want a visa. i'm from Nigeria and i live in the United kingdom i have my BRP do i need to apply for a e-visa or a normal visa application, if i need a normal visa application please can you send me the link on this email.



By Darrell Kugarakuripi

Good evening my name is Darrell Tadiwanashe Kugarakuripi a student of Dicle University. I am one of the Zimbabwean student which the Embassy helped during the earthquake in Diyarbakir. Recently everything has been normal but I am now having problems with the immigration.The University managed to register my colleague and l as students.The problem we are facing now is applying for our Kimlik because our visas are overdue and we kindly ask for help .
If there is a fee we can pay to extend our visas for a week or a few days just we are happy to comply so that we will be able to submit our forms to the immigration . The immigration was also willing not to cancel the form we submitted before the disaster.

I would really appreciate your help and l will be looking forward to your response.

Thank you.


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