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How do I delete my information?

By Hasibul

I want to delete my information according to GDPR.
How should I proceed?

I submitted all my information but I don’t want to continue the process further. How can I remove my personal information from this service? I can not find a way.



Visa for temporary residents of EU-country

By Zakia Ali

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a citizen who lives in Denmark, and holds a temporary residenceship permit. I wish to visit Turkey, but therefore I would like to hear the procedures when I do not have a passport, but I am from Afghanistan, and I have been living in Denmark since 2002 on a temporary residence permit?


Botswana e-visa for turkey

By Belinda tlhakanelo

Hello can i confirm if i have a botwana passport but i have an indefinite leave to remain visa for UK im I able to do the e-visa for turkey?

Thank you


visa to turkey for Syrian with American green card

By Feras Alhalabi

I am Syrian with American green card and living in USA what is the requirement and the process to get the Turkish visa


TURKISH E-VISA clarrifications


Hello Dear,

I need some clarifications. I am Libyan, and I have UAE golden visa. Thus, can I apply for the e-visa or not.



E-visa from UK to turkey for UK Refugee Travel Document originally from sudan

By Ghada

I have UK Refugee travel document, I am I eligible for e visa to Turkey from UK and consider that I'm Sudanese.


Is sunexpress airlines accepted?

By Linh Phung

Im travellling from frankfurt to antalya this April. However I have only option travelling with sun express so is Sunexpress airlines accepted to apply for turkish e-visa? Im holding Vietnamese passport and is German permanent citizen. Thank you


Visa application 90 days

By Pierre

Good day

Please advise what do i need to apply for a 90 day business stay in Turkey
Do i Just walk in at the Cape Town Turkey Embassy branch
what all will i need to apply for this.

and what is the Price

Thank you so much


Type of Visa needed for my travel

By Benjamin Obinna

I’m living in the uk(legal resident ) and I have already bought my flight ticket for me and my wife to come spend few days next months. I thought it was visa on arrival until today I realized that I needed a visa.

What type of Visa do you I need to apply?


requesting for short stay visa

By Parviz

My wife , hourieh Manzouri 57 and i , parviz saffari 62 , with italian document both iranian wish to visit Turkey for a week , we understand that Iranian people no need to apply entry visa to turkey with iranian passport but we don't have iranian passport
and have travel document as passport issued by Italian government ,
please tell us if we need to apply visa to Turkey or not , if yes what is the procedure ,
how we can make an appointment on line.
best regards


Procedure and requirements for turkey visa application

By Eunice Okeke

I got admission in the Cyprus Health and Social University for PhD in health management and would need a transit visa to Turkey


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