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Entry requirement inquiry WITH Canadian travel document

By Fariba

Hope all is well,
I am inquiring about visa or entry requirement for our upcoming trip to Istanbul.

My husband and I are from Iran but are refugees and protected person in Canada, We have also applied for the Canadian Permanent resident. Our Iranian passport is with the immigration Canada and we have Canadian Travel documents as refugees and we have valid Canadian work permit. We know as Iranians we do not need a visa but we will be entering Turkiye with our Canadian Travel documents.

I was wondering if you can advise if we still need to apply for a visa or if we are still exempt.
I would appreciate hearing back from you as soon as possible.

Let me know if you have questions.

Thank you
Fariba Homayoun


visa for filipinos and requirements

By richelle

Hello! I'm Richelle and I'm a Filipino living in Italy. I am planning to go to Turkey for a vacation with my family. Can I apply for the eVisa? What are the requirements and documents needed?
My sister is a minor, can she apply online?

Thank you in advance,


Do I need a transit visa?

By Erika

I am Mexican living in Belgium for a year and a half now. I am planning on going back to my country and the flight stops in Istanbul for a few hours, I am not planning on leaving the airport, just waiting there. Do I need to apply for the electronic visa? According to what I read I do not need it but I want to be sure.


Urgent Inquiry: Status of Work Visa Application

By Inara Kavindie Jayawardhana Jayawardhana

I am writing to inquire about the status of my work visa application (Reference Number: 2023-aed0e8e7-0812) for employment at English Times Language School in Antalya.

My details are as follows:

- Applicant Name: Inara Kavindie Jayawardhana Jayawardhana Mudiyanselage
- Work Visa Reference Number: 2023-aed0e8e7-0812
- Employer: English Times Language School, Antalya

My employment contract with English Times Language School is set to begin on 04.12.2023 and end on 03.12.2024, totaling 12 months. As three months have already elapsed since the start date, I am eager to receive confirmation of the exact date of arrival of my visa.

Additionally, the school has also sent an email regarding this matter, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

Your prompt attention to this matter is crucial, as it directly impacts my ability to fulfill my employment obligations and make necessary arrangements.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Warm regards,

Inara Jayawardhana


Turkey tourist visa for Indian national living in UK

By Yasmin Sohel

Hi my mum has an indian passport living in UK with indefinite leave to remain visa and we would like to visit turkey for a family holiday in May from 7th - 14th. Whats the process, when and how do we need to apply and whats the fees please? Thanks



By Keyla Baúque

Dear Embassy!
Good morning!

I hope this email finds you well!
I would like to ask if there has been any updated regarding the VISA situation here in Mozambique?I would also like to say that I have been trying for a week now to schedule an appointment for the VISA, on my phone , my mom’s phone, my computer , basically everywhere and the website always seems to have a problem.
There are times where I am able to find an available date but once I click on it and the green correct mark shows up nothing else happens, and I know that a “ Save and proceed “ tab needs to show up but it doesn’t.
Could you please tell me what can I do , because the embassy it’s only accepting appointments but I can’t seem to be able to schedule one!

Keyla Baúque


Transit visa for Turkey

By Nastaran Shahbazian

I am holding the UK travel document and I am planning to go to Oman through Istanbul. I am not going to stay in turkey and my flight connection is in one airport in Turkey do I still need a transit visa?
Kind regards
Nastaran Shahbazian


I wanted to know if my visa that I already have could I reuse it or I need a new visa

By Khalida

Hi I got a visa on the 17 January 2024 and I used it already do I need to get another visa for the 26th February 2024 or the same visa will work. On the visa I already had it says it is valid till 14 July 2024 as a single entry do I neeed another visa


Connecting Flight through Instabul

By Promise

I trust you are well.
I am traveling to Nigeria from Australia with Turkish Airlines via a connecting flight in Istanbul.
I have a single ticket and do not need to leave the international terminal during waiting time between flights.

Do I need to get a visa in this case?

Warm Regards.


Visitor Visa application process


Dear Concerned
I am Pakistani national residing in Abu Dhabi on employment visa and i would like to visit Turkey with my family kindly can you please tell me what is the best way to apply for turkey visitor visa.

Muhammad Irfan


Nufus cuzdani/ mavi kart

By Victoria freeman

Hello. I am a British citizen with Turkish citizenship, I have an old nufus cuzdani, I am now divorced from my Turkish husband. Do i retain my citizenship? if yes, do I need a new card? Also I have two daughters who are also british citizens... are they able to obtain turkish citizenship through me as we want to return to Turkey (they have a deceased british father) Please can you advise as to the process for both things.
Thank you ??


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