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E-visa for Indian passport

By Jay

Dear Sir/Mam,
I am an Indian passport holder please let me know can i apply e-visa for turkey or not for tourism. Please advice.

Thank you.


Visa Required for vacation

By Abdul Sami

Hi Madam , Sir
I am from Pakistan but i am living in Germany . I have a Permant German ID card and Pakistani Passport . My question is that i need a visa for vacation 5 days in Turkey or not . please reply me as soon as possible
Abdul Sami


i want to apply for a visa

By Samuel Edun

I want to travle to turkey with my girlfriend and her family for holiday by may 17 and i want a visa. i'm from Nigeria and i live in the United kingdom i have my BRP do i need to apply for a e-visa or a normal visa application, if i need a normal visa application please can you send me the link on this email.



By Darrell Kugarakuripi

Good evening my name is Darrell Tadiwanashe Kugarakuripi a student of Dicle University. I am one of the Zimbabwean student which the Embassy helped during the earthquake in Diyarbakir. Recently everything has been normal but I am now having problems with the immigration.The University managed to register my colleague and l as students.The problem we are facing now is applying for our Kimlik because our visas are overdue and we kindly ask for help .
If there is a fee we can pay to extend our visas for a week or a few days just we are happy to comply so that we will be able to submit our forms to the immigration . The immigration was also willing not to cancel the form we submitted before the disaster.

I would really appreciate your help and l will be looking forward to your response.

Thank you.


Indonesian passport holder wants to travel to Turkey

By Michael

I am an Indonesian passport holder wants to travel to Turkey from the UK. It is said that Indonesian passport holder will no longer need to apply for E-visa right? Thus I will just have to bring my passport with me?
and last questions is can I enter Turkey from any airport like, Antalya? Or I have to enter Turkey from Istanbul?


Supporting documents

By Khurram Shehzad

I want to apply for a tourist visa to Turkey and I live in Paksitan. I have no supporting document and was wondering where I can apply for a tourist visa without this?


applying visa transit issue

By Zakarya Alzubidi

Hello sir ,

hope you are doing well , I have a flight with turkey airline with a transit for 19hr , when I'm trying to apply visa I cant find my nationality ( Yemen ) to complete applying
please help me how can I find it

best ,


Do I need Transit visa

By priya

I am Travelling to Europe from India with Layover of 4-5 hrs at Istanbul airport.will i require a transit visa if i do not leave the transit lounge


With a Netherlands Residence Permit, can i travel to Turkey?

By song

Hi, I' m Chinese nationality with a Netherlands Residence Permit(still valid), can i travel to Turkey without applying for visa?


I need a Transit Visa


I am a UK permanent resident. I hold a Nigerian passport and I am travelling to Nigeria. I need a Transit Visa to enable me pass through Turkey, going and coming back to Uk. I am flying with Turkish Airlines


Inquiry about Reporting Website Vulnerabilities

By Ash


I hope you're well. I'd like to know the correct email for reporting website vulnerabilities and whether you have a bug bounty program.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your response.

Best regards


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