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Do I need a visa if yes which type of visa?

By Mariam Magdy Okbi

Do I need a visa if I’m traveling from Egypt to Istanbul then from Istanbul to London I’m an Egyptian citizen with the British BRP. The duration between the two flights is only three hours with self transfer.


How to apply for visa?

By Gazi Musfiqur Rahman

I am a Bangladeshi citizen. I have a valid ordinary passport. I am very much interested to travel tourist places in Istanbul, Turkey. Can I visit Turkey? How can I apply for visa? Please help me in this regard.


Conformation of job offer letter

By Aaqib Junaid

I have received an offer letter from Ayasgroup turkey. I am not sure whether this offer letter is real or fake. It is mention on letter that "Under our Expatriate Statute Law (ESL), the foreign worker must first apply for the FWC and obtain the certificate at their own expense."

I wanted to know that if get the fwc and later on i came to know that offer letter was fake, Then will the amount i pay for fwc can be reimbursed??

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seeking to apply for a visa to visit Turkey in June with a tour.

By darlene

I would like to apply in person, but I can't get any of the phone numbers listed to work.
How may I make an appointment for LA? I live 2 hours away, so I want to make sure I will be able to get it done.


New Year Meet & Greet.

By Sanjoy Bhowmick

Thank you very much for your continuous support. Please be inform that from the management of Hotel Agrabad, we want to do New Year meet & greet with you. On this occasion, It would be great pleasure for us if we can have your Appointment of yours's at your convenient time.


E visa- turkey payment issue

By Zahra Ali

I have been trying to purchase my e-visa multiple times now, have emailed the service team directly.. no response. This is very frustrating. I was wondering whether the payment is not going through as I am purchasing the e visas for my parents as I'm sending them on a get away, any advise/response would be really helpful as I am running out of time!

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Setting up of a trading company in Turkey

By Domnic J Samuel

Respected Consular General of Turkey

I, Domnic Samuel would be interested in setting up a company in Turkey with regards to Supply of Rice, Coffee beans and Rubber based products and supplies in Tyre Retreading

Kindly advise me as to whom to contact and the assistance in same

Thanking you
Domnic Samuel
Joseph International Ventures




I applied for an electronic visa, paid the fees, and have not received the visa yet
I want to know how long to wait


Requirement of transit visa in Istanbul

By Rohit chaudhary

I will be traveling from Mexico city to New Delhi.
I hold a Mexico visa and Indian passport. Can you please confirm if i can travel without any permission or transit visa.


conditional e-visa to turkey as a tourist

By Thomas

My family and I are due to travel to Turkey for a 2 weeks holiday. My wife holds a Cameroonian passport but is a permanent resident of the UK.
We cannot find where to apply for the CONDITIONAL E-VISA for Cameroon citizens with a resident permit from UK, IRELAND or USA.
My question is, does she need to go to the consulate and apply for a tourist visa like someone who is still in Cameroon considering she has a UK permanent residence card?
If not where can she apply for the conditional tourist e-visa ?
Thank you.


cant find nigeria on the list of country

By francis okonkwo

Dear Sir,
i am hoping to travel with a layover in turkey, i am hoping to apply for transit visa but i cant find nigeria among the list county. please could you assist.

kind regards



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