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Do I need a Visa for travel?

By Abhinay

I have clients traveling on a cruise where there are 2 stops in turkey for less than 24hrs each. These clients are Indian Citizens but green card holders here in the USA. Do they need to get a Visa?


Applying for Turkish Visa on a Nigerian passport with residence permit

By Joan Loveday

Hi Team,

I want to know what the requirement is for national of nigerian with residence permit to travel to Antalya for 7 days holidays .



About E-Visa for Chinese Citizens

By Chenjie Song

Hello! I’m emailing to ask if my interpretation of the B2 E-visa for Chinese citizens is correct. To my understanding, the E-Visa will allow Chinese citizens to travel for multiple entries within a 180-day period, as long as each consecutive length of stay do not exceed 30 days, and that one does not stay more than 90 days within the borders of Turkey in total with the travel visa. I would just like to confirm this. Thanks!


Do Canadian citizens/passport holder need a visa to Turkey?

By Puja


I am inquiring if a Canadian citizen or a Canadian passport holder needs a visa for Turkey. My layover is only for 10 hours but I do wish to leave the airport and sightsee.

Please help! 1 Love


Solicitud o información

By Mayra Alejandra Sandoval rosalws

Quisiera saber yo tengo un pasaporte de permiso de viajes en noruega pero soy de nacionalidad venezolana es necesario realizar lo de la visa ?


e visa for Philippines


I have a house made from Philippines who work in Saudi Arabia under my responsibility. Does she eligible to apply for e visa?


Visa requirements for Sudanese to enter Türkiye


I am a Sudanese resident in Saudi Arabia for more than 23 years. I work as a sales and marketing manager in one of Al Rajhi companies. I have traveled to Türkiye before. Now I want to travel to Türkiye for tourism for a month. I tried to fill out an e-visa form but I couldn't. As Sudanese are not allowed to apply through it. Please inform me how to get the visa and what are the requirements and procedures.


Egyptian passport visa help

By Ali Mostafa Ahmed Abdelrhman

My Egyptian husband and my son and I (both Americans) are wanting to travel to Turkey in March as tourist. I am very confused with what kind of visa my husband needs. He only has an Egyptian passport and no visas to other European countries. Please advise on what visa process he needs to apply for.


visa application for family

By Bernard

Mornings, I was wondering if you could help me please,my family and I are going to istanbul and antalya from the 12 June 2024 -2 July 2024, who long before the time do i need to apply for the e visa and do i use the same visa for antalys


Spouse application Evisa

By Shady

If I am from Egypt and I have valid schengen visa, can I add my spouse Egyptian to application to get Evisa while she is 32 Years?
Thank yo


Transit visa requirements for Nigeria national residents in uk

By Kehinde Odelana

Hi,am Nigeria national residents in uk,am travelling from uk to Nigeria in June,we are travelling through Istanbul and we will be having long wait in Istanbul,over 12hours,am just enquiring how to apply transit visa,


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