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Do I need a transit visa if I only staying one day in Turkey as part of the layover program

By Fred Norris Funchess

When I tried to fill out the transit visa on this site it says I'm exempt but when I google overnight stay it says its needed. When one is true, do I need or don't need it.


uk travel document refugee can go to Turkey via


Uk refugee travel document
I need visa fr Turkey Can I go to turkey with I need visa uk refugee travel document Thanks


visit turkey with UK Refugee Travel Document

By Mahya Sadat

Hi there

I hope you are doing well.
I am gonna travel to Turkey but I have got the UK Refugee Travel Document, Am i supposed to apply for visa or not?

Kind regards

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No Visa Needed for US Citizens visiting Turkey

By Adrian

Is this limited to entry to Turkish airports or am I eligible to enter by ferry from Girne Cyprus to Mersin, Turkey *(Tasucu port)?



visit visa information


I want to apply Turkey online visa from United arab emirates i am Pakistani national residence in abu dhabi


E Visa for Afghan National

By Mohammad

Is Turkey still offering e-visa for Afghan national who need medical treatment in Turkey. Just not sure


Infringement of privacy

By Rebecca Asabe Tariya Yusuf

Dear team,
I just found that an enquiry was sent to you wass published on your website. I wa s surpised as I didn't give my consent to such publication. This is considered as infringement and breach to my privacy.

To be clear, the message reads as follows:
Dear team,
"I am trying to complete an e-visa application for entry into Turkey for tourism. The system did not allow me to continue with the application...."

Can my details be URGENTLY be removed from you site? I have copies my legal advisr regarding this. Your prompt action will be appreciated.

Thank you

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visa application and fees

By Blessing Davies

Hello, i am a Nigerian citizen residing in the UK. How do i go about applying for a Turkish tourist visa and how much it will cost. There is not much information for citizens of my country.


Assistance Required

By Manahil

I am visiting Romania on a short stay visa for a month-long research elective. I am planning on paying my friend, who studies at Bilkent University a visit. Can I enter turkey with a Romanian visa? And if not, what do you suggest I apply for? I am thinking about going to turkey for just 2 days


Visa and vist to istanbul and antalya

By Bernard

Mornings,My family and I are visting Istanbul and antalya from 12 the June to the 2 July how long before the time do we need to do the evisas and do we use the same visa to go to antalya


Can I enter Turkey with Lithuanian ID card?

By Cagik Mesropian

Hello, can I enter the country with ID card as I'm a Lithuanian citizen? I cannot find information online. Thank you


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