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Didn't receive the turkey health certificate

By Gursewak dhillon

Hi I have applied for turkish health certificate yesterday with fast processing. But I didn't receive it. Is it required. Can you please help. Thanks.


visa application for foreign living in Austria

By Abdullah AL-Zubaidi

I want to apply for a visa to to enter Turkey. I am originally from Iraq but I live in Austria and have a convention passport. How can I apply for a visa? I tried to do it online but it was not possible. Can you help me please?


Clarity needed on visa type

By Rana Mukherjee


I am an Indian national with employment pass in Singapore. For an IT project delivery in Turkey, I need to travel multiple times to Turkey in next 12 months, each visit anywhere between 1-3 weeks. Can you please suggest the correct visa type for this need? Will e-visa be applicable here?

Rana Mukherjee


hello merhaba appointment regarding

By Nazrana Ossman

Hello hope you are well
iv been trying to apply my visa like a normally do on this website

but for some reason i cant get through it..
im a mozambican resident in south africa i normally get my visa done the same way im doing
but for some reason i cant get it done this time
i would like to ask if you can maybe send me the correct website or if anything changed?
because i need to go to istanbul for business purpose in march …
please help me



How long take a time to get viza as a turist viza

By imaneh

Hi dear.i want to know how long is take to get a viza with my teravel dacument?and how ,where i should apply.


transito por estambul

By jesus alberto

Necesito una visa de transito si no saldre del aeropuerto y estare en el menos de 24 horas soy Mexicano y mi destino es japon??


Visa to turkey for Nigerian Passport holder


Good Evening,

I live in the United Kingdom but I have a Nigerian passport. I have looked through all the site and cannot find any information. Can you please let me know how and where I can Apply for a Tourist visa to Turkey please.

Kind regards


E-visa for Iraqi "Not working"


Hi, I have Iraqi passport and i carry U.S visa and trying to travel to Turkey but when trying apply for the visa, the IRAQ option is not listed on your website.

Then i tried another way from your website that directed me to IRAQ link but i have put all my info except "Nationality" is greyed out. and also, "Visa Type" showing "loading". so, trying to see if you can help figure this out on how to do this ? Thank you!


Transit to Columbia

By Christine Marie Fajardo

Hello I am a Filipino Citizen and traveling to Columbia and i want to know if I need a Turkish visa to transit in Columbia?


Appointment for Power of attorney

By Juliana Hutmanova

Good afternoon,
I would like to make an appointment to get the power of attorney.
Please let me know when it is possible to visit. thank you


Transit visa or 1day stop in Turkey

By Adebisi Solaru

My wife is a US permanent green card holder with a Nigerian passport and wants to transit through Turkey,will she need a visa?


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