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Connecting Flight through Instabul

By Promise

I trust you are well.
I am traveling to Nigeria from Australia with Turkish Airlines via a connecting flight in Istanbul.
I have a single ticket and do not need to leave the international terminal during waiting time between flights.

Do I need to get a visa in this case?

Warm Regards.


Visitor Visa application process


Dear Concerned
I am Pakistani national residing in Abu Dhabi on employment visa and i would like to visit Turkey with my family kindly can you please tell me what is the best way to apply for turkey visitor visa.

Muhammad Irfan


Nufus cuzdani/ mavi kart

By Victoria freeman

Hello. I am a British citizen with Turkish citizenship, I have an old nufus cuzdani, I am now divorced from my Turkish husband. Do i retain my citizenship? if yes, do I need a new card? Also I have two daughters who are also british citizens... are they able to obtain turkish citizenship through me as we want to return to Turkey (they have a deceased british father) Please can you advise as to the process for both things.
Thank you ??


Dear eVisa Türkiye; Inquiry about whether I need a transit visa

By Hugh LIU

Dear eVisa Türkiye,

Hello. I am planning my trip, and I may need to transit at Istanbul Airport. But I am not sure whether I need a transit visa. Please help.

My current nationality is China and my passport is issued by China accordingly. I now have a work/residence permit card issued by Sweden which is valid until 2027. Also, I have a US 10-year trip visa and an expired Canada trip visa.

During my transit, I think I will just stay at Istanbul Airport. I currently have no plan to leave the airport or hang around in the city.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Do I need visa when transiting in Istanbul

By Shenice Cole

Hi I am travelling to turkey on the 28th this month , I’m wondering if I am needing a visa ? I’ve checked online which says uk citizens can travel no visa for 90 days , but I am transiting in Istanbul (1 hour layover) to Izmir ? I will not be leaving the airport, if anyone can help please , thanks


Evisa tourist without us visa

By Luong Quang Minh

I am Vietnamese and living/working in UAE. Could i apply for tourist evisa to Turkey without valid Schegen or US visa? Because my US visa expired on 14/03/24 but i want to go to turkey in Apr 2024


Request For Query for e-visa

By Vijay

Dear Sir

I am Pakistani by national / citizen, so kindly confirm me that whether i am eligible for e-visa or not as i have not PR Card of US / Canada / Australia country.

Thanks and Regards


Visa requirements for tourist trip to Turkey

By Victoria Towo

Dear Mme, Sir,

We are planning to travel to Turkey for short holidays, from 30.03.2024 to 07.04.2024.

I am a Belgian national, my wife has the Tanzanian nationality, but she has a permanent resident permit for Belgium and a Belgian ID card. Our daughter is a Belgian national as well. We live in Kuurne, Belgium.
We understood that me and our daughter do not need a visum, but my wife does. Applying for an e-visum does not seem to be possible. How can she obtain a visum?

Sincerely yours,

Tonino Vanwonterghem
Victoria Abdiel Towo
Saartje Vanwonterghem
Kuurne, Belgium
[email protected]


Turkey Tourist Visa, Not Eligible for evisa processing online

By Sheikha Nuno

Hi I am a Filipino Nurse working in Madinah Saudi Arabia. I want to visit Turkey with my friends. We have ticket already bu unfortunately we are not eligible for evisa. We really want to visit Turkey but we dont have enough extra off days to visit VSF in Jeddah or Riyadh. Can you help or assist us by any means please. Thank You


Turkey VISA related question

By Leven

Good Day.

I am a Filipino citizen and currently holding a multiple entry of a U.S.A visa, do I still need to obtain a Turkey visa visiting your country for tourism purposes? If so, what documents do I need to have and or the process to obtain one.

Thank you in advance.


document imm5475 (for tourist visit visa)

By natia asatiani

I am a citizen of Georgia. I am filling out an application for a tourist visa.
There is one document imm5475 in the list of documents.
I authorize Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Canada Border Services Agency to release information from my case file to the following individual, but I don't understand who should I indicate in the 5th and 6th point?
Thank you in advance.


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