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Bilgi talebimi verece?iniz bilgi ile sonuçland?rmak istiyorum.

By Can Oflasl?

Say?n Yetkili,
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Inquiry Regarding Travel Visa for Turkey

By Nitish Dwivedi

Hi Team,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am reaching out to inquire about the validity of my visa (No. 734685632749) for travel to Turkey. Having previously visited Turkey in December for a week, I am now considering another trip, planned for March.

My current E-visa is still valid, expiry on May 19, 2024.

As an Indian resident with a German work visa, I want to ensure that my existing E-visa permits multiple entries to Turkey within the specified timeframe. Could you kindly confirm whether I can utilize the same visa for my upcoming trip in March?

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I appreciate your assistance.



E visa for Kenyan passport

By Patel sandip

I recently got UK visa and would like to enquire if I need to get information about e visa for Kenyan passport


How to apply Turkey visa wthout supporting document

By Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ruc

I'm Singapore Citizen and I want to bring my mother to travel to Turkey as she always want to go there. However, my mother is holding Vietnam passport. We buy family tour from Tour agency in Singapore. Now I need to apply Turkey visa for my mother but it require supporting document. Can I book an appointment to Turkey embassy in Singapore and explain to them my situation ?


certificado antecedentes penales turcos para un extranjero

By Andres Estrada

Necesito sacar un certificado de antecedentes penales turcos de un extranjero y apostillarlos.

me pueden ayudar?


Turkish Visa on the basis of UK BRP Card

By Ali Riaz

Can I get E-Visa of Turkey on the basis of the UK BRP (Biometric Resident Permit) ?
My 3 months sticker visa is expired now and I have BRP Card.
Thank you


Apply for visa transit

By Jalal Mahmoodi

Hello . I wanted to buy a ticket for March 10 and my transit is in Istanbul Sabiha to Erbil. I wanted to know if I can transit without a visa with a travel document?


Can Travel Document holder enter Turkey without Visa?

By bahar

Are people who hold Travel Document (Not Canadian Passport or PR Card) able to get in Turkey without Visa based on the the recent rule?
FYI, there are refugees who have travel documents but not citizen yet.


Bahar Bozorgkhoo


Turkish Visa eligibility


Can a Indian Citizen who resides in Canada apply Turkish Visa and a Canadian Permanent Residence card holder?


Inquiry Regarding Address Information for Turkish Visa Application

By Manisha Kemani


My name is Manisha Kemani and I am currently in the process of applying for a Turkish e-visa. However, I have encountered a question regarding the address information required in the application form.

My permanent address differs from my current address, and I want to ensure that I enter correct information in the visa application form. Could you kindly provide guidance on how to handle this situation? Specifically, I would like to know which address I should prioritize or if there are any specific instructions for applicants in my situation.

Your assistance in clarifying this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your attention to this inquiry. I look forward to your guidance and support in completing my visa application accurately.

Manisha Kemani


Online visa application for South African Citizens living in Ireland

By Janie van wyk

Hi, we are looking at booking a holiday to Turkey end of March this year. We are South African citizens living in Ireland. My 5 year old son’s passport expires end of June 2024. We have applied last year November for his new passport but I am not sure if we will receive it back by March this year. Will he be okay to travel to Turkey using his current passport that will expire end of June 2024?


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