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Applying for Evisa but my supporting document is Canadian Visa

By Josefa tubig

Dear Sir,
I am a Filipino citizen who have a Canadian Visa, unfortunately Canada is not part of your supporting document in the list. Pls advise if I can still apply for an evisa with a Canadian visa on my passport pls? I have bought my ticket and I am scheduled to fly on the 22nd of Feb. Pls kindly kindly advise what are my options to be able to board my flight and not cancel it. Even if transit visa is possible is ok with me. Thank you.


Changing airport in Istabul: do I need a visa

By Severine

Hi there. I' ll soon fly from Germany to Uzbekistan and will have to change flight in Istanbul. BUT I also have to change from airport. I'll arrive in Istanbul at Sahiba Goksen Airport and will have to catch my second flight from Istanbul International airport. Do I need any kind of visa to go from the one airport to the other (e-visa, transit visa???). I am DUTCH with a passport from THE NETHERLANDS. Hoping for a quick answer. Severine


Turkey visa application

By Sana Khan

I want to apply for a Turkey Visa, What's the procedure? As I am a resident of Pakistan so not able to apply online, I applied for an e-visa a week ago but today got an email that it's only for UK and USA residents. I need to fly on 24 Feb, can I get a visa till that? here is my contact no is 0318-0026707. kindly inform me at your earliest. thank you


Visa for Egyptian in Saudi Arabia

By Ahmed Kassem

I have to visit Turkey next week and I live in Saudi Arabia with Egyptian passport.
I have no valid Schengen, UK or USA visa. Can I make online evisa or will not be valid.
If not, How can i get fast appointment in the embassy.


I Need Information For Tourist Visit Visa

By Muhammad Qadeer

Dear sir/Madam,
Being Businessman i am managing partner in Suely Industry form Pakistan. I would like to take some information about tourist visa that which documents required to Embassy (also please inform me that you need required documents in English language OR in Spanish translated with my visa application).
I am waiting for your reply .

Best Regards,

Muhammad Qadeer
Managing Partner
Bhadal Aimn Abad,Road Sialkot Pakistan.

eMail: [email protected]
[email protected]


visiting for an hair transplant

By pascal obinwajei

Visiting for an hair transplant only, please do l need a visa go there ?or do l need to apply for visa ?


Italian citizenship

By Marc M Fahmy

I'm an italian citizen and my passport is issued from egypt and will expire in 100 days from my arrival date to turkey
So what are the procedures thAt I should follow?


Visa- Refugee Travel Document issued by Canada

By Shaghayegh Rahimi


I am an Iranian who has a refugee travel document issued by Canada. Would you please advise if I need visa to travel to Turkey? If yes, can I obtain E-Visa?
How long does it take to get the visa? I need to stay for at least a month in Turkey as I plan to have a surgery.
I appreciate your kind reply in advance.

Best Regards,
Shaghayegh Rahimi


Requirement of Transit Visa

By Khurram Shabbir


I have stopover complimentary stay of 1 day during my flight from Islamabad-Pakistan to Helsinki-Finland.

I am Pakistani citizen and have Pakistani passport. Moreover, I am currently working as Researcher in Finland and have resident permit of Finland valid till 25-Sep-2024.

I just wanted to know that whether I need to apply for visa for the subject transit stay in Istanbul? And if yes then how to apply for that?

With regards,
Khurram Shabbir


Eligible for Turkey Visa for a Sri Lankan

By Priyanga

To apply for Turkey Visa, a first time visitor (Sri Lankan) who has only been to Thailand two or three times, can they apply for Turkey Visa...?!
If can how the process be...?!


Tourist Visa to visit Turkey in the coming months

By Mehdi Frotan

I am interested in visiting the beautiful country of Turkey. I am an Afghan citizen living in Sweden. I have a work permit in Sweden and a Swedish travel document. Am I eligible for a tourist visa?
If so, how can I apply for the visa? (I read about the e-visa but could not find any info regarding travel document.)
Thanks for your answer in advance.

Best Regard,


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